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Lootah is simply amazing. He is the ultimate professional and his performance will leave you speechless and begging for more!
— Mel Carnegie
Lootah is a professional
entertainer who has a wide range of professional experience in the industry. He can provide an entertaining show tailored towards any audience.
— Harlem Mepham, Event Photographer
Lootah is brilliant performer who is passionate and dedicated to what he does. With a range of talents he is capable of entertaining a wide range of audiences.
— Eliot Gordon
Lootah is, quite simply, one of a kind. An entertainer, yes... and so much more. He is dedicated to his craft, and his show will leave you mesmerised and speechless. As well as a highly entertaining act, it is also clear that he’s keen to reach out and help others, proving that limitations are (quite frankly) usually imaginary. Lootah is living proof of that. Think you’ve seen it all? Well think again. Prepare to experience a performance you’ll never forget!
— Mel Carnegie - Creator of DeNA, the inside-out programme that lights up your people and your business... come and join the revolution!
Lootah is a committed and resourceful performer with a lot to offer, definitely a career to watch
— Arthur Hyam
Lootah was friendly, super professional and easy to work with. His show lit up Brighton beach - recommended.
— Laurence, Manager, Fortune of War
Fantastic entertainer Highly recommended by all at Juggletastic
— Jimmy Blake, Performer at Juggletastic
Lootah is a joy, highly recommended :)
— Becca Lyon

Think you’ve seen it all? Well think again….
Modern, edgy variety show with a surprising twist

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