Lootah Paytah

Lootah Paytah is an alternative entertainer with an eccentric characteristic personality. Training on a daily basis for several months his skills rapidly escalated to a professional level; Lootah also decided to teach himself how to use and perform with various other types of circus equipment including: Poi, Devil Sticks, Unicycle, Globe & Slackline.

It wasn't long after this that Lootah began to get involved with multiple youth circuses, live performances and festivals across the UK. Over time Lootah has picked up a variety of new skills and styles, adapting to the needs of those he has worked with. 

Lootah has now developed his own performing style that suits him; which could be described as an edgy and modern twist. When performing Lootah is passionate about what he does, using a variety of stunts which push the limits and shows a different side to magic and performing.