7 Suggestions for New Twitch Streamers

Am often on Twitch even while I'm not streaming myself and I see so many streams with terrible quality audio and even worse content. I completely understand why this happens but I wish people would make a little more of an effort if they are going to stream.

Now don't get me wrong there are some FANTASTIC smaller channels out there a prime example being InsomniaInbound.

So without further ado here are a few things you can do to make you stream more watchable.

1. Insure you actually have a good enough internet connection and computer to stream with all the right settings. This goes without saying, but I've seen numerous streamers on Twitch who simply don't have the processing power to stream anything without it looking like a stop motion cartoon.

2. Consider investing in decent audio equipment. I'm not saying go all out and buy pro gear like I use, I had the money to spare. Not everyone does. Just a decent headset will do. You want to get something that at least doesn't distort your voice if you get a bit loud at times.

If you do have some extra cash and you want to go all out I recommend getting an MXL 990* along with a basic USB Mixer such as the Behringer 302USB Xenyx 5 Input Mixer* you will want to invest in an XLR cable, pop filter and a boom arm but theses are relatively expensive. You'll also want to grab some 3.5mm jack to 6.35mm jack cables.

3. Get a face cam. Really. People want to connect with you as the streamer. If you have a laptop whatever is built in is probably fine. If you do need to invest in one from what I hear the Logitech C920* will do the trick nicely.

You could also grab a green screen to help increase your production value but thats completely optional.

4. Interact with veiwers. Seriously if you don't want to talk to people why are you on Twitch? Twitch is a social platform. Even when you have no viewers keep talking, comment on the game you are playing as the Twitch viewer count only updates about once every two minutes. That means if someone clicks on your stream and nothing is happening they will have left before you even knew they where there. If your finding it hard to be interactive due to a low veiwer count consider finding somebody to stream with.

5. Building on my previous point, remember people. I don't expect you to be able to remember everyone that ever joins your stream but please make an effort to remember everyone that stops in often.

6. Have Fun - This is my most important point.  If your not having fun your veiwers wont either.

7. Give something back to the community, and support other streamers. As they say what goes around comes around.

Do you have any questions or have something else to add? Let me know in the comments box below.

*Please note these are NOT affiliate links and I don't get a commission if you choose to buy these products.