Twitch and Discord Rules Updated

The rules have been updated and apply both in discord and at the stream.

  • Ask before posting links, especially those self promoting your own stream, site, discord, etc.
  • No bullying, harassment, or generally being abusive.
  • We try to keep things fun and peaceful and if you being banned is what makes things fun and peaceful again, so be it. If you’re told to drop a topic of conversation, drop it. There’s a reason you’ve been told to do so. This reason doesn’t have to be explained to you at the time.
  • No backseat gaming. Unless asked for input or suggestions they aren’t needed.
  • Do not backtalk mods. They are just doing their job, and you will not win the argument.
  • Don’t debate the rules. They exist and they are enforced for a reason.
  • Don’t ask to be a mod. You’ll be asked to be one or you won’t.
  • Lootah streams what he’s in the mood to play that day. Requests won’t change his mood so please refrain from making them.

Lootah Paytah

Cult Master - Lootah Paytah is an actor, magician and Twitch streamer from the UK.