Paranormal and Occult Expert Available for Your Podcast


We all know that dreadful feeling. You come up with a great idea for your podcast that involves the occult, the supernatural, the just plain abnormal, but no one you know has the slightest idea about it. It’s ok though, you have a friend whose life has revolved around such things, none other than Lootah Paytah. Lootah’s history as an occult themed magician has given him a glimpse beyond the veil of the common world and he’s more than happy to share his experience and views on these subjects as well as the psychology and mentality of those who practice these arts. After extensive research and many direct experiences with the paranormal, combined with the deep understanding of deception that comes with being a magician, Lootah has a unique ability to shed light on even the most obscure topics surrounding it.

For booking information, contact Lootah through the contact page or through his social media accounts.