​Are You a Streamer Trying to Network? Read This!

As I've been asked how to network on Twitch quite a bit recently I thought I'd make a quick post with a few key tipsI

NOTE: I knew I wouldn't have huge amounts of time to write this so I decided I'm going to post it and add to it later. I'm going to add one tip a week until I feel like I have nothing left to add. When I'm done I'll remove this note.

So how can one go about breaking the ice with a fellow steamer?

Be There! Seriously... there is no greater thing you could do that to simply be an awesome member of that streamers community. 

Get Social! Networking doesn't just happen on Twitch. It's important to reach out and interact through other forms of social media...and remember it's about making friends not "connections".

Got a sweet host or raid earlier? - Check in on that streamer (and consider hosting) to find out what they're all about. If they're hosting you then you must have something in common The streamer will appreciate the mutual support and will be more likely to want to network with you in the future.

Join a Team! - While most of the teams worth joining require an invitation. It's worth bearing in mind that there are still a few teams that will accept requests to join if you fit their niche. It's definitely worth looking around for teams that play almost exclusively the game you play or have similar/the same values as you as a broadcaster.

Bonus Suggestion:

Still Struggling? We have a small Discord Server specifically for people who are looking to make friends with other broadcasters. If you're reading this... you're invited!

Note: If the link has expired/become invalid just hit me up on Twitter

Lootah Paytah

Cult Master - Lootah Paytah is an actor, magician and Twitch streamer from the UK.