Happy New Year + Announcements

The new year is already upon us, and god damn it's been a hell of a year. This coming year we'll be changing up and improving the stream and the discord server in all manner of ways.

Here are just a few examples::

  • More regular updates on this website/blog. From here on out most major announcements will now be made through this website and simply be linked to in our Discord server and on social media.
  • A monthly (possibly weekly) game night. This will be games like Cards Against Humanity...Quiplash and other Jackbox games. We are also looking into the logistics of playing other games such as bingo.
  • Table Top Games in the Discord Server!
    Nearer the time Lootah will add a channel to the Discord server to register your interest in playing.... get on that list early to show you're interested as places will be limited. These tabletop games will be longer and as a result, take a lot more effort for me and our tabletop volunteers to run. As a result, we'll be running these less often and treating them more as events.
  • Giveaways and events involving our stream currency(tears).
  • And of course...110% more Yaz!
    Seriously she's gonna be in way more streams keep an eye out for her floofy hair that likes to chroma-key itself into a parallel universe where green is not used for chroma-keying.

Lootah Paytah

Cult Master - Lootah Paytah is an actor, magician and Twitch streamer from the UK.