It's the apocalypse!

It's the apocalypse! Not really, but you should probably read this post if you're in our discord.

It has been some time since we’ve given you any updates with what's happening behind the scenes, we apologise for this unintended radio silence but it has been due to various things happening in my personal life; such as moving house along with various medical situations that have happened whilst doing so.

Because of this we are sad to announce that there will be a short-term hiatus on streaming due to my new home being in an area with subpar internet connections, however there is good news; as new internet connections are being laid down in the area meaning, provided they are up to par streaming will be able to re-commence in the near future!

This also means that instead of streaming I will be looking into alternate avenues of providing you with the content that you love so much, such as reviving my Youtube channel (, and writing various pieces of gaming related writing for MacGameCast (

Beyond the previously mentioned items, Myself, Yasmin and Jey are working towards providing non-video game related content so expect to hear from either myself or the server staff very soon!

Due to the various new avenues of content that we will be providing, we are currently discussing the future of this server; specifically regarding as to if it should remain purely focused on gaming. However before we make any decisions we would like to hear your input as to what should be done, please follow the straw poll link below and let us know what you think we should do (Please note that the final decision on what happens is ultimately down to myself and the mods, however, be rest assured that your input will be taken into heavy consideration).

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the future of the server!