Just a Handful of Reasons Why Fire Eating and Fire Breathing Is Really Dumb Straight from the Horses Mouth


This article is not intended to be used as instructional material in any way. I (Lootah Paytah) have tried my upmost to make the information as accurate as possible, but I cannot guarantee the total accuracy of the information provided.

This article IN NO WAY advocates the art of fire eating or breathing. As such, I am not to be held responsible for any injuries or damages incurred as a result of any actions taken related to this article.


 Fire Performing can and does go wrong. Here is a photo from an acident I had a number of years ago.

Fire Performing can and does go wrong. Here is a photo from an acident I had a number of years ago.

So it seems like a large number of people out there seem to think playing with fire is a good idea. I've seen a number of people on YouTube and even in person just getting started with fire eating and breathing who seem to seriously underestimate the dangers involved. As such I have decided to write this post highlighting some of the risks incurred by fire breathing.

I would like to take this moment to inform you that this post is not intended to cover all the risks (it doesn’t). I have written this in an attempt to discourage people from taking up this extremely dangerous act.

Note: I do plan to expand on these points and add to this over the next week but I just wanted to get in published for now so feel free to check back in a week (10th of June onward) for an updated version.

As much as this one is rather obvious I am including it anyway. Why? Because it's still a risk, and it only takes one mistake for the performer to end up with severe (possibly even life threatening) burns.

All it really takes is a bit of fuel on your face or clothes, you might not even know it's there and whoosh up it goes. 

Fire Breather's Pneumonia:
When fire breathing the performer is creating a fine mist of fuel, if any of this is accidentally inhaled by the performer will likely end up with fire breather's pneumonia a type of exogenous lipid pneumonia.

Fuel Poisoning:
Many of the fuels used in fire breathing are poisonous and are to be taken seriously. All it takes is one slip up to accidentally swallow some fuel.

Now for fire breathing some people suggest using powders such as corn starch as a non-toxic alternative, however these fuels are not without risk of inhaling and can cause  breathing difficulties or worse and in my onion are poor choices at best as they are harder to control and predict and you loose a lot of the colour and effect.

Most of the fuels Fire Eaters and Breathers use are carcinogenic and as such the performer is at a far higher risk of cancer as a result of prolonged exposure to the fuel.

Yes I know this is a bit grim, but fire breathing can (and does) kill. Things go wrong, accidents happen and long term illnesses such as cancer can kill.

So there you have it, just a handful of reasons why fire breathing is a really bad idea.