I don't usually cross-post but this really got under my skin...

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When peeps get mad about people sharing the suicide helpline as "everyone knows them" and "google can find them" I just think back to the times that I've heard from friends that someone was talking about it on social media and that's what got them to seek help.

Building upon that a lot of people who are struggling with these kind of issues don't feel like they can talk to friends even if friends ask about it. I know for a fact that this is true and I really don't see any harm in putting information out there especially since I know that this kinda of thing has helped people I know in the past.

Lastly I saw someone Tweeting saying how this only happens when there is a high profile suicide. I don't think that that's true, I think it happens more when that happens but I randomly put this information out there every now and then and didn't even know about Kate Spade’s tragic suicide when I posted my last Tweet about the hotlines.

My point? Not everyone is jumping on a hype train and some people are just genuinely trying to help.

Just saying...