The Cultists

The cultists are a diverse group of slightly psychotic and possibly satanic dedicated Lootah Paytah fans who plan to tame demons and take over the interwebs. The cult started out as a generic term used to describe Lootah’s twitch followers, over time this has expanded to cover all of Lootah’s fans.

So how do I become a Cultist?

If you’re reading this chances are you already are one. In all seriousness though, if you seek to join the Cult, then all you have to do is find Lootah on Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook and stalk him like everyone else.

Sell your soul today!

We take First Born Males, Virgin Female Women, and Visa!

(Joking about the last one, we are way too cheap for Visa machines)

We are the ravages of the unengaged mind set loose upon the world. Our boredom spawns our mayhem, our play inspires our passions. We bind ourselves to our brethren (and sis… tren?) through our shared love of diversion, of errant philosophy, of the crude and the profane as much as the simple beauty of hardfought truth. In name we are Cult, but in heart we are the lost children of a world gone mad seeking refuge in each other’s company. You don’t have to sell your firstborn, but we won’t judge you if you do.
— The Cult